Cosmo’s Team for a Better West New York Makes Parking a Top Priority 

Cosmo’s Team for a Better West New York Makes Parking a Top Priority

Commissioner Cirillo and his Team Plan to Implement an Initiative 

to Alleviate WNY Parking Woes

West New York, New Jersey – March 21, 2023 – The West New York Forward Team, composed of Commissioner Cosmo A. Cirillo Ph.D., Commissioner Margarita Guzman, Assemblywoman Angelica M. Jimenez, Walter Lopez, and Hiram Gonzalez, located on Column A, have chosen to develop a comprehensive parking plan, including the implementation of angled parking throughout town, as one of their main priorities.

Finding street parking in West New York has been a major issue for decades and has unfortunately become more challenging as our community continues to grow. As Town Commissioners, Cirillo and Guzman have contributed to and voted for the town to approve the construction of three new parking decks and introduce angled parking spaces throughout town to help minimize disruption and alleviate stress on residents who cannot find parking. If elected, Cirillo intends to see that those plans are carried out and expedited as Mayor of West New York.

A deck on 52nd Street is anticipated to open soon which will begin the process of alleviating the parking issue. During a March Town Commission Meeting, a motion was also passed authorizing the start of construction of a new parking deck on 57th Street, and the town has begun adding  angled parking on Park Avenue. Multi-level and angled parking systems can maximize space utilization by allowing multiple vehicles to be parked in the same amount of space. One of the most significant benefits of adopting multi-level parking systems is that vehicles are securely parked, thus decongesting roads and reducing traffic congestion leading to safer and clearer roadways for residents and emergency vehicles.

“Parking in West New York is a major issue that has been plaguing us for far too long,” said Cirillo. “As we meet with residents a consistent concern that has been voiced is parking” he explained. “Under my leadership, we will work very hard to alleviate the parking situation and make West New York a more convenient place to live.”

The West New York Forward Team also envisions adding angled parking spaces all around town, similar to surrounding municipalities, to remedy the parking and congestion issues facing the town. Angled parking makes it easier for cars to move in-and-out of parking spaces, lessening the likelihood of a collision while simultaneously making it easier for drivers to stay within the lines of their parking space. Residents as well as visitors would have much easier access to finding parking spaces by extending parking on Bergenline Avenue down to the border on 49th Street, adding spaces to both 60th Street, and Park Avenue. This, combined with new parking decks, would save residents both time and gas they would otherwise waste circling blocks searching for parking.

Election day is Tuesday, May 9th. To learn more about the Column A candidates and their  campaign, visit and follow West New York Forward’s social media @WNYForward on Facebook and Instagram.

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