Councilman Forid Uddin Endorses Chief Adamo for Sheriff and Lazzara, De Vore, Bartlett for County Commissioner

Paterson, NJ – Paterson City Councilman Forid Uddin endorsed Chief Thomas Adamo for Passaic County Sheriff and County Commissioner candidates Cassandra “Sandi” Lazzara, Rodney De Vore, and John Bartlett. Councilman Uddin, who joined the City Council in 2022 and has been a dedicated advocate for his community, expressed his strong support for these candidates based on their commitment to public service and community safety.

“I am here to endorse Chief Thomas Adamo for Passaic County Sheriff,” stated Councilman Uddin. “Chief Adamo’s dedication to law enforcement and community safety is exactly what we need to ensure a secure future for Passaic County.”

Councilman Uddin, a high school teacher committed to education and community development, emphasized the importance of electing leaders with a vision for progress and inclusivity. “Chief Adamo, Commissioners Sandi Lazzara, Rodney De Vore, and John Bartlett, represent the leadership necessary to continue moving Paterson and Passaic County forward. Their commitment to public service and proven track records make them the best candidates for these elected positions.”

Chief Adamo’s nearly 30 years of service in the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office and his focus on modernizing law enforcement techniques and fostering strong community partnerships were highlighted as key reasons for Uddin’s endorsement.

“Sandi Lazzara, Rodney De Vore, and John Bartlett have demonstrated their dedication to fiscal responsibility, community engagement, and infrastructure improvement,” Uddin continued. “Their collective experience and fresh perspectives are vital for addressing the needs of our diverse community.”

Councilman Uddin’s endorsement underscores the importance of unified support from local leaders to ensure effective governance and community-focused initiatives. “Together, this team will work tirelessly to enhance the quality of life for all Passaic County residents. I urge everyone to support Chief Adamo for Sheriff and Commissioners Lazzara, De Vore, and Bartlett in the upcoming election.”

For more information about Chief Thomas Adamo’s campaign for Passaic County Sheriff and the County Commissioner candidates, please visit


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