COVID-19 FAQs for State Employees Updated on the Civil Service Commission Website

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

Trenton – The Civil Service Commission has updated its COVID-19 FAQs for State Employee Leave Time and Staffing.

The updated FAQs further address procedures for both essential and non-essential employees to follow during the COVID-19 crisis. The FAQs now indicate which civil service employees are covered by the CSC COVID-19 Guidelines and FAQs, clarify the criteria for paid leave for Temporary Employment Services (TES) or per-diem positions, outline protocol for processing pre-approved leave time for state employees, and detail procedures for state employees with high-risk medical conditions as well as those who have recently returned from travel.

In addition, the FAQs delineate what CSC activities, events, or meetings have been cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 emergency. They include:

• All Open Competitive and Promotional Testing (postponed)
• All Civil Service Commission Instructor Led Training (postponed)
• Civil Service Commission meeting scheduled for April 1, 2020 (postponed)
• Diversity Summit scheduled for April 17, 2020 (cancelled)
• Police Advisory Board Meeting scheduled for April 28, 2020 (cancelled)
• New Jersey State Employee Recognition Day Ceremony for May 7, 2020 (cancelled)

“We understand that State employees have a lot of questions,” said Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the Civil Service Commission, Deirdrẻ L. Webster Cobb, Esq., “These updated FAQs will help clarify guidelines and regulations that need to be followed at this time.”

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