With Trump, the Glassner is Half Full

Christine Serrano Glassner wants to make sure everyone knows she’s been endorsed by Donald Trump.

Serrano Glassner

Her most recent ad includes a clip of the former president calling her a “fantastic woman” at his May 11 rally in Wildwood.

The ad begins with a sharp attack on her main opponent, Curtis Bashaw of Cape May.

The announcer, who uses one of those alarming “political ad voices,” intones that Bashaw is “no conservative” and that he has made campaign contributions to “radical Democrats.” That’s accompanied by an unflattering photo of Cory Booker.

In contrast, the ad says Serrano Glassner, the mayor of Mendham, stands with Trump and will support ending amnesty, building a border wall and law and order.

Trump’s hold over the Republican party in New Jersey may not be as strong as it is elsewhere in the country. Still, you have to figure the Trump endorsement will help, not hurt.

The primary for the party’s U.S. Senate nomination is June 4.

There is a backstory here.

Serrano Glassner’s husband, Michael, has worked for Trump’s past campaigns.

And let’s not forget Chris Christie, who has become a persona non grata in Trump’s eyes.



Trump mentioned at the rally that Bashaw was a Christie guy, which certainly impacted his endorsement decision.

As for Bashaw, his campaign sent out a statement:

“I entered this race to help New Jersey Republicans take back the Menendez Senate seat and break the Democratic monopoly over our state.

I’m honored by the support I’ve earned from grassroots New Jersey Republican voters over the past four months – including two-thirds of the tens of thousands of elected county committee members who’ve endorsed me as the best candidate to defeat radical Democrat Andy Kim in November. While the former president may have endorsed his longtime employee’s spouse, I know that our campaign is on its merits the only one that can win this race for all New Jerseyans.

Over the next several weeks, our campaign will continue talking to Republican voters in every corner of this state about the issues that matter, including closing the border, strengthening our economy and empowering parents. New Jersey Republicans are hungry to take back this Senate seat for the first time in a generation, and that’s why our campaign has received such overwhelming support, as I’m the only candidate who can defeat the Biden Democrats in November.”

Trump endorsement notwithstanding, Bashaw’s social media page shows that he attended events this week in Middlesex, Monmouth and Passaic counties,





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3 responses to “With Trump, the Glassner is Half Full”

  1. Christine Serrano Glassner is the far superior candidate and a true MAGA Conservative. Bashaw is a rich guy throwing money around to GOP County Chairman, sadly there have been some willing takers.

    If you support President Trump, support his endorsed Senate candidate Christine Serrano Glassner in the GOP primary on June 4th!

  2. Once again, we don’t need weak-kneed Republican RINOs (or should I say “Banana Republic-ans”) running for office in NJ. We need tough Republicans who will dig their heels in on any further Democrat ruination of this state, starting with the rollback of New Jersey’s highest in the nation property taxes, by decoupling education taxes from property taxes and making everyone pay school taxes through income and sales taxes–as it was originally supposed to be.

  3. Republicans are stuck with such a lousy roster of back benchers this year. Glassner is such a boring candidate and has no shot against the far more engaging Kim. Who tf even is Curtis Bashaw? We have an open seat and a crazy scorned incumbent who might run independent and spoil the race. We should have put up someone worthwhile. Someone like Mike Testa, Doug Steinhardt, Aura Dunn, or Lori Ciesla. Yet here we are with a few B Leaguers who are doomed to lose. Once again NJ republicans dropped the ball.

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