Cryan Statement on the SCI Report on Veterans Homes

Cryan Statement on the SCI Report on Veterans Homes


Trenton – Senator Joe Cryan, chairman of the Senate Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, issued the following statement on today’s SCI report on veterans homes:


“Today’s report by the SCI underscores our concerns about the significant deficiencies in the care and treatment of the residents of the veterans homes. The report brings into sharp focus the need for substantive reforms to correct the failures and improve the quality of care. The accounts of inadequate staffing at the facilities are especially disturbing.


“While there have been some improvements, it is clear that wholesale changes are needed. It is time to create a new cabinet level department that is devoted to the care of veterans in these facilities. Our veterans have served and sacrificed on behalf of us all – they and their families deserve the best care that can be provided.”

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