Cumberland County Advocates Sandy Acevedo and Nick Acevedo – Endorses Tim Alexander for Congress CD2

The Tim Alexander for Congress Campaign announced today they have received the endorsement of Cumberland County Advocates, Sandy Acevedo and Nick Acevedo. This endorsement is part of the ongoing local, county, and statewide support for Alexander in what is shaping up to be his race to win. The momentum continues to build.

In these challenging times, characterized by a pressing need for integrity and steadfast leadership, it is paramount that we elect individuals who embody these values. That’s why as advocates in Cumberland County we proudly stand behind Tim Alexander as our next representative for New Jersey.

Tim Alexander exemplifies the qualities, qualifications, and experience essential to effectively represent our state. His unwavering commitment to integrity, coupled with his proven leadership skills, make him the ideal candidate to serve the people of New Jersey.

As advocates for our community, we recognize Tim’s dedication to uplifting voices often marginalized and overlooked. His inclusive approach to governance ensures that all constituents, regardless of background, have a seat at the table and a voice in the decisions that impact their lives.

We enthusiastically endorse Tim Alexander because we believe in his ability to lead with integrity, compassion, and a genuine desire to enact positive change. We urge our fellow residents to join us in supporting Tim’s candidacy and entrusting him with the responsibility of representing our great state. -Sandy and Nick Acevedo

I am honored to have the endorsement of Sandy Acevedo and Nick Acevedo Cumberland County Community advocates. I very much look forward to joining and working with Sandy and Nick to make our community better for all. – Tim Alexander

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