DeCroce: Woke Extremists Scheme To Give Government More Control; Webber And Bergen Do Nothing

(Parsippany, NJ) New Jersey Democrats are taking a page form the book of woke liberals in the Biden Administration and are scheming to use climate hysteria to give the government greater control over our lives, and force residents and taxpayers to shoulder billions of dollars in new costs,” said Republican N.J. Assembly candidate BettyLou DeCroce.

“It’s time for state Republicans to push back hard against the climate activists and begin alerting residents to the dangers of the Democrats’ plans,” said DeCroce, a former Assemblyman running in LD-26 ( Morris & Passaic counties).

“It’s astonishing to see how little our Republican representatives, such as assemblymen Jay Webber and Brian Bergen are doing to inform their constituents and lead the fight to derail the climate extremists,” added DeCroce, who spent nine years in the state Assembly.
DeCroce said New Jersey Democrats are trying to jam through legislation (S3672) that will allow the government to outlaw the use of gas appliances, such as stoves, clothes dryers, and heating systems.
The bill directs the state Board of Public Utilities to create a “beneficial electrification program, which mandates changing equipment from nonelectric type to an efficient electric type for any building end use. The BPU has one year after passage of the legislation to create the Democrats’ all-electric program.
By one estimate the cost of converting natural gas and oil powered heating systems to electric will cost New Jerseyans nearly $17 billion. Hundreds of millions more will have to be spent by consumers to buy new appliances to replace the ones that Democrats want to eventually outlaw. The legislation calls for laws to replace gas stoves with “electric induction stoves” and gas clothes dryers to be replaced with heat pump – which can cost up to $2,400 or more for top grade models.


DeCroce said property taxes will jump significantly to pay for the cost of outfitting schools and other government building with new electric heating units.
“The Democrats are moving the extremist climate agenda in Trenton and Washington and we have yet to hear a single word from our 26th District representatives,” said DeCroce, who is pushing her “effective conservatism” agenda, which includes working to inform the community through public meetings and create an action plan to stop the woke movement.
“What’s the point of having representatives who call themselves conservatives but don’t get anything done for their constituents?” asked DeCroce.
The state electrification legislation, reflects the Biden administration’s plan to ban gas powered home appliances – particularly gas stoves – through federal regulation – based on a questionable study that was funded by the federal government and pushed by a liberal climate group.

DeCroce called the Democrats’ all electric plan “ a dangerous dream” that will leave the entire state vulnerable to power outages that will make it impossible for people to heat their homes, cook their food, or run their businesses. She said that natural gas-powered generators that many homeowners and business use as backup power, will likely be banned by the state and federal governments.
“The woke future is a bleak one featuring people huddled in their dark homes under blankets to stay warm. That’s not the future I want for our residents and I will fight to make sure it never happens,” said DeCroce, who authored legislation to mandate backup generators for nursing homes and gas stations following the power outages of Super Storm Sandy.

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