Director Robinson: Freeholder Name Change is Long Overdue

This has been an ongoing issue and topic of discussion for years. In fact, it has been circulating through the assembly and senate for almost a decade (

While the work surrounding the pandemic has taken priority, we must not forget that government has continued to be open for business throughout. According to NJ State Legislative website,, on 1/14/2020, this was  introduced in the Senate, Referred to Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee.

The name change comes at a crucial time in our state and in our country where we need to eliminate the use of terms, terminology, ideology, laws and practices that do not reflect who we are today. While the work must be done and is expected to be done, regardless of the title, black elected officials are no longer asking for change but are demanding it. As far as changing signage, literature and other printed materials, this could take effect 1/2021, changes are made whenever there is a change in leadership anyway, so it should not be much of a stretch. While this may not rise to the level of a pandemic, being able to take care of business while leading through a pandemic is a testament to great leadership.

Shanel Robinson

Somerset County Freeholder Director

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