District 27 Delegation Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

District 27 Delegation Statement on the Murder of George Floyd


LIVINGSTON – Today, the Legislative Delegation of District 27 released the following statements on the recent dialogue and protest about systematic racism following the killing of George Floyd. 


Assemblywoman Jasey said, “Ten days ago we bore witness to the heinous murder of an unarmed black man in police custody, the days of mass protests we have since experienced is an expression not only of our outrage for the conduct that killed George Floyd, but a fervent call for an end to the sordid history of disparate treatment of people of color at the hands of the police.  Together we rise against discrimination in the administration of justice, housing, education, health care and employment.  Together we rise in search of a more just and equal America.”  


“We have made great strides in the last decades but clearly more needs to be done,” Senator Codey stated. “It’s incredible that just a few months ago the pandemic hit and we set aside our differences and came together to support our front line workers, essential employees and each other. Addressing and overcoming inequality will require that same kind of commitment from all of us.”


Assemblyman McKeon said, “Now is the time we must push for solutions that go beyond just rhetoric. Justice will only be achieved if we ultimately fix the issues our communities of color face every day. We must all take a stand and say, enough. It is time that we strike out the systemic racism that still plagues our country. It’s time that our leaders calm, reassure, and begin to heal our fractured nation with laws designed to ensure accountability and build a stronger trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.”

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