Doherty: Marijuana Legalization Is “Deal with the Devil” 

NJ State Senator Mike Doherty says that President Donald Trump made a good decision to call off an air strike on Iran.

Doherty: Marijuana Legalization Is “Deal with the Devil”

Senator Michael Doherty (R-23) is voting “no” on legislation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in New Jersey, saying the proposal represents “a deal with the devil” that will sacrifice children and communities for short-term political gain.

Doherty made his comments as the Senate Judiciary Committee began consideration of S-2703, which would legalize the recreational use of cannabis by adults.

“This legislation to legalize recreational marijuana use is a deal with the devil,” said Doherty, a member of the Judiciary Committee. “It’s a gateway drug that will destroy thousands of lives, starting with our kids. Nobody is talking about the real, measurable impact that can be seen today in places like Colorado where car accident rates have risen and youth marijuana use has skyrocketed since legalization.”

Doherty said those negative consequences and others, including new enforcement costs for municipalities and police departments that threaten to drive property taxes, are being glossed over by the supporters of legalization.

“Governor Murphy and Democrats in the Legislature are in a rush to legalize it without answering all of the outstanding questions,” said Doherty. “Many of the supposed benefits to society will be outweighed by the new social ills that will be created. It’s clear that legalization is being pursued for short-term political gain, not because it represent good public policy. I simply cannot condemn this proposal strongly enough.”

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