Dover Forward Candidates for Mayor, Alderman Announce Withdrawal from Democratic Primary

Today, Dover Forward candidates Sandra Wittner, T.C. McCourt, Jennifer Podesta, and Isaiah Strickland announced the end to their campaigns for Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

The group released the following joint statement:

“We got into this race knowing the odds were long, but we have always been optimistic that change would come. That even though we were denied party support, even after sharing all of the damning information everyone knew to be true, and reminding anyone who would listen that a certain former Mayor could NOT be Mayor again, that we could win.

But last week, reality set in with the revelation that the ballot in Dover would not look as it always has in a contested election.

Our Republican County Clerk, Ann Grossi, has decided to disenfranchise Dover yet again by placing all of the off-line candidates in Column 2 instead of giving each group their own column – like has always been done – even after our campaign made an official request that precedent be followed.

We decided to run not because of a thirst for power, but because of a desire to protect our town from people who we believe are running out of selfishness, vindictiveness, and yes, a thirst for power.

And, of course, to move Dover forward. Together.

But, we have always said that we would not run a campaign that couldn’t be viable. That we would not run a campaign that would ultimately waste people’s time, energy, and money. And today’s alarming court decisions to restore candidates to the ballot whose petitions had previously been rejected rendered our races nearly impossible to win.

And so, today we must announce that our campaigns for the Democratic nominations for Mayor and the Board of Aldermen have come to an end.

But, we’re not finished. Not by a long shot.

Instead of running a campaign with massive logistical obstacles, we’ll spend the next 7 weeks trying to take back our local Democratic party. We’ll put all of our efforts into winning control of the Dover Democratic Committee because, as we have learned throughout the last several years (and again over the last several months), nothing can be done without a seat at THAT table.

And to put any rumors to rest, Dover Forward will NOT be endorsing in ANY WAY any of the remaining candidates for Mayor or Aldermen.

To everyone who has supported Dover Forward in the past and again this year, we know you are feeling a great deal of disappointment. Some confusion. Maybe some anger. Let us assure you that we’re feeling all of those things too.

This decision has not been taken lightly. However, there comes a time when reality has to be acknowledged, even if you don’t like how it looks.

But, make no mistake that this fight, our fight, IS just getting started.

We leave you with a quote that we think perfectly sums up what comes next: “Keep planting and sowing, living and knowing; beautiful things take time, and that is okay.”

Thank you, and stay tuned.”

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