Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina Shares Her Vision for Equity for All NJ Families 

Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina Shares Her Vision for Equity for All NJ Families 


Offering a Progressive Vision Rooted in Lived Experience at 2024 U.S. Senate Forum Organized by 

NJ Institute for Social Justice and Bethany Baptist Church


Newark– During last night’s forum organized by the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice and Bethany Baptist Church, Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina offered voters an invaluable opportunity to engage directly with her visions and policy proposals. As the sole woman candidate in the race, Dr. Campos-Medina passionately articulated her platform, emphasizing crucial priorities related to the Black community, such as NJ’s extreme wealth gap, high maternal mortality rates, Medicare for All, and promoting inclusive policies that uplift marginalized communities.


“I am committed to advocating for the needs of our most vulnerable communities,” said Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina. “At last night’s forum, I had the opportunity to share my vision for a more equitable and inclusive New Jersey, where every voice is heard, and every family has the support they need to thrive.”


The forum, moderated by Assatta Mann, featured candidates Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina (D), Lawrence Hamm (D), Congressman Andy Kim (D), and Albert Harshaw (R). Each candidate responded to questions from the moderator and the audience.


In her closing remarks, Dr. Campos-Medina underscored the significance of her candidacy, stating, “When I arrive in the U.S. Senate, I will champion a progressive agenda squarely centered on the needs of New Jersey families, particularly those in the Black and Brown communities. In an era where women’s rights are under siege, and billionaires wield undue influence over our politics, we must return to the essence of democracy—regular people running for office. We cannot allow the business of politics to revolve around money; it must prioritize the interests of everyday citizens. As the daughter of working-class parents, I am determined to demonstrate that every daughter of a janitor or housekeeper is just as capable as any man to lead New Jersey forward.”


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