Dr. Rajesh Mohan Republican Candidate for NJ’s 3rd Congressional District, Slams Assemblyman Herb Conaway for Anti-people Budget

Holmdel, NJ — July 5, 2024 — New Jersey’s new state budget which was rushed through into law and co-opted, forced through and voted by Assemblyman Herb Conaway is deeply troubling. Dr. Rajesh Mohan, the Republican candidate for NJ’s 3rd Congressional District said that “the lack of transparency and accountability was disgraceful and deceitful and does not serve the people of New Jersey well”. This $56.6 billion budget is the largest in state history, with New Jersey set to spend $2.1 billion more than it takes in. Dr. Mohan said, “this irresponsible financial planning sets New Jersey residents up for massive tax increases, further increase in property taxes and devastating cuts in essential services”.

The new increased corporate tax rate to 11.5%, the highest in the country, compared to 4.9% even in a Democratic state government in Pennsylvania will further drive businesses and jobs out of New Jersey. It may seem like it’s targeting corporations, but the real victims will be the working families and seniors. They will bear the burden of higher costs for groceries, gas, healthcare, and home repairs. “This isn’t just a tax on business. It’s a tax on all New Jerseyans. Furthermore, this bill has cut funding in certain school districts, showing a blatant incompetence and understanding that is essential for the economic and educational well-being of New Jersey’s residents and for the future of NJ,” said Dr. Mohan.

Dr. Mohan, a physician leader and an interventional cardiologist with an MBA, has practiced evidence-based management with real world results increasing productivity, increasing jobs, serving seniors, decreasing regulatory paralysis and supporting businesses.

Assemblyman Conaway, who is the Democratic candidate from NJ’s 3rd Congressional District running against Dr. Mohan, wants to take the same anti-people mindset of increasing taxes and regulatory policies to Washington, DC. Career politician Conaway is bad for New Jersey and bad for Congress.

For more information about Dr. Rajesh Mohan’s campaign, please visit MohanForUSCongress.com and follow us on social media.

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