East Brunswick Mayoral Candidate Jesal Amin Calls for Protests to Remain Peaceful

East Brunswick Mayoral Candidate Jesal Amin Calls for Protests to Remain Peaceful

For Immediate Release

East Brunswick, NJ– East Brunswick Mayoral Candidate Jesal Amin issued the following statement about the ongoing protests over police brutality gripping the nation.  Amin sympathizes with the protestors cause but urged restraint and non-violence.

“The actions taken against George Floyd are horrific and have no basis in recognized police practices.  Communities across the nation have every right to be outraged, and as a person of color and minority, I share their pain. However, any violence and bloodshed will only fan the flames of division and are counterproductive to affecting real change.” Stated Amin.  “As a young boy growing up in India, I looked up to Gandhi as a role model for his peaceful and non-violent methods.  Gandhi was also an inspiration to Dr. Martin Luther King and showed how peace and non-violence can inspire a generation and affect real change.”

“East Brunswick is fortunate to have a top-notch police department that has maintained strong relations with members of the community, but there is always work to do.  As Mayor, continually strengthening relations between the police department, municipal government and Township residents so that everyone can feel safe and at home in East Brunswick.”

About Jesal Amin

Jesal Amin is a small business owner and immigrant from India who is running for Mayor of East Brunswick to give back to the community that allowed his family to achieve the American Dream.  Amin is committed to making East Brunswick an affordable place to live and raise a family, while keeping development in check and maintaining East Brunswick’s top-notch school system.  He has lived in East Brunswick for over 24 years with his wife Bela, who is also a small business owner, and raised two sons who are graduates of the East Brunswick public school system.

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