Emcom Systems announces the launch of a new Emergency Communications product to increase Pedestrian Safety 

Windsor, New Jersey – Emcom today announced the launch of a new emergency communications product aimed at providing increased pedestrian safety at a time when citizens are being asked to be less cohesive. The new product, named SkYbeam™ promises to help pedestrians quickly identify and locate Emcom’s emergency blue light call stations with a beam of blue light reaching towards the sky. No longer will emergency blue light call stations be obstructed by tall vans in parking garages, or other blind spots on college campuses, rail transit locations or anywhere emergency call stations are used.

This is the first of a series of new product launches designed to enhance Emcom’s public safety and security product line.“Our engineering and product development teams have done an outstanding job in just a few months developing a range of new and exciting safety products. We focus on public safety as we design and develop new products. Our goal is to improve solutions that protect the public and offer an increased sense of safety and security,” said Paul Grigg, CEO.

In the coming days, Emcom will start offering this product in several markets across the U.S. Emcom’s customers will be able to enjoy extending a higher level of safety identification to their customers as the SkYbeam™ emergency blue light call station becomes widely available in all areas of public safety.

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