Environmental Nurse Protects Essential Businesses Amidst COVID19 Pandemic

Environmental Nurse Protects Essential Businesses Amidst COVID19 Pandemic

Germbuster System Offers Brick & Mortar Businesses Preventative Services & Peace of Mind


Monmouth County, New Jersey. November 30, 2020: Bedside nurses are not the only RNs keeping us safe from the COVID19 pandemic. Gina Dehmer, RN, BSN, an Environmental Health Nurse focused on Infection Control, along with her business partner and environmental contractor and consultant Gary Syzmanski, has created a suite of preventative services for all indoor environments, commercial and residential, to protect those inside from a host of germs—including COVID19.


The company’s two-step process for reducing transmissions of germs lasts up to 30 days—and has maintained an 100% success rate of zero COVID-19 cases at every facility it has routinely treated. Germbuster System works with a diverse roster of clients, from independent small businesses to large, highly-trafficked facilities, throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & El Paso Texas.


“With the current uptick in COVID19 cases, we saw how important it was to keep our essential businesses safe, and to keep everyone and their families protected from germs,” Gina Dehmer said in a statement. Nurse Gina was inspired to pivot from her career as a registered nurse providing in-home immunoglobulin therapy to an environmental nurse and business owner after she observed patterns in how one’s environment might be affecting their health. Her hunch has become our collective reality during this unprecedented time.


“GermBuster System comes to our center in Toms River every month,” added Valerie Frost-Lewis, Owner of Peppermint Tree Child Development Center. “They pre-treat, disinfect and apply an antimicrobial protectant throughout the center. This service gives us extra confidence.”


The company follows CDC Guidelines and uses all EPA registered, water-based, non-toxic products, including the antimicrobial technology that creates the 30-day layer of protection. This layer allows for peace of mind when it comes to routine cleaning, and United Airlines has recently adopted this same strategy to further ensure a safe environment.


Germbuster System tests all surfaces before and after treatments, confirming germs have been successfully removed. While most household disinfectants and other companies utilize a “3-log kill disinfectant,” Germbuster System utilizes a “5-log kill” which kills 180% more germs than a 3-log kill. This provides a more robust, and safer disinfecting service.


As we anticipate another lockdown, Germbuster System’s two-step process will allow our essential businesses to safely remain open.


ABOUT GERMBUSTER SYSTEM: Germbuster System is a preventative monthly two-step process for reducing the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms in the environment. For more information, please contact info@germbustersystem.com




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