Equality GOP Congratulates New Assemblyman Don Guardian on Historic Win

Equality GOP Congratulates New Assemblyman Don Guardian on Historic Win

The New Jersey Republican organization Equality GOP is proud to congratulate its fellow Republican, former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian, on his historic campaign win to join the New Jersey General Assembly and our state legislature. Assemblyman-Elect Guardian (LD-2) will become the first Republican LGBTQ legislator in New Jersey history and will be the only LGBTQ legislator serving in our Legislature.


Don was heartily supported by Equality GOP’s membership and LGBTQ allies from around the Garden State as were other Republicans running for election or re-election to the Legislature. John Traier, Chair of Equality GOP said, “Don serving as a Republican legislator is a great sign of growth, acceptance and affirmation that the Party of Lincoln can win anywhere with a Big Tent and hard-working candidates like Assemblyman-Elect Guardian.”


Equality GOP also wishes to congratulate the following Republican legislative candidates who have served as our LGBTQ allies in the past and will do so in the future in the New Jersey Legislature:





Jon Bramnick (LD21)
Kristin Corrado (LD40)
Declan O’Scanlon (LD13)
Vincent Polistina (LD2)
Holly Schepisi (LD39)
Robert Singer (LD30)
Jean Stanfield (LD8)

General Assembly:


Aura Dunn (LD25)

Nancy Munoz (LD21)
Claire Swift (LD2)


Equality GOP is an organization of LGBTQ Republicans, like-minded allies and community members who
are committed to communicating and sustaining the foundational principle of equality within the
Republican Party for LGBTQ and LGBTQ-affirming voters in New Jersey.



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