Fabrizio and Quattrocchi Asking: Where is Greenpeace in Battle for the Whales?

Linden/Clark – GOP candidates for the General Assembly, District 22 are puzzled as the environmental activist group Greenpeace is mum regarding ocean wind farms and protecting whales. The Green Peace web site has extensive information and pleads with President Biden to stop/prevent Ocean Floor Mining off our coasts. Greenpeace says they investigate, document and expose the causes of environmental destruction.

Industrial-scale mining machines will enter our oceans and destroy unique underwater worlds – affecting not just the weird and wonderful creatures living in the depths but putting the ocean creatures swimming across our global oceans at risk.

Former President Donald J. Trump voiced his concerns on Monday, 9/25 while giving a campaign speech in South Carolina. He is quoted in numerous publications here in the US and the United Kingdom when he blamed wind turbines for causing large numbers of whales to die, claiming that “windmills” are making the cetaceans “crazy” and “a little batty”.

As far back as 2017 it was reported that whale calves and their mothers communicate by making soft sounds. Some experts believe that the sonar used to map the ocean floor for windmill placement makes a similar noise that confuses the younger whales.

“It is just very curious that Greenpeace talks of protecting our ocean creatures from mining but not from the coming turbines” the candidates stated. “And we are thrilled that Trump has made the whales an issue in his campaign,” they agree.

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