Flynn & Scharfenberger Call on Governor to Reevaluate Priorities in FY23 Budget

Flynn & Scharfenberger Call on Governor to Reevaluate Priorities in FY23 Budget


Middletown, N.J. – Assemblymembers Victoria Flynn and Gerry Scharfenberger (LD13 – R’s) call on New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to reevaluate his FY23 Budget spending plan and instead focus on increasing affordability as many across the State struggle with increased costs negatively impacting their lives:

“New Jersey residents are confronting a real economic crisis, one that is wreaking havoc on their finances and crippling their lives. Yet, the Governor’s Budget proposal is void of any long-term plans to help alleviate the burdens carried on the backs of taxpayers,” Assemblywoman Flynn stated“Our residents deserve better; they deserve tangible recovery proposals to help combat the fiscal nightmares they now face. Instead of one-off limited rebate programs, the administration should be investing in ideas that would offer substantive relief like a moratorium on the unemployment insurance tax or rolling back the gas tax as well as ideas to lower property taxes all to increase affordability.”

“The Governor’s budget proposes an astonishing $2.5 billion increase in spending for Fiscal Year ‘23. This is on top of a combined $8 billion in previous years for a grand total of over $48 billion since he took office,” said Assemblyman Scharfenberger“The huge increase in spending coupled with borrowed money spells impending doom for future budgets and generations of New Jersey residents. When one time revenue sources evaporate, they will leave gaping holes that can only be filled enormous tax increases. Taxpayers simply cannot bear the burden of such unsustainable spending.”

The shortcomings in the budget are exacerbated by failed economic and social policies not only at the state level, but the federal as well. Currently, Americans are being crushed by the highest gas prices in more than a decade on top of increased overall costs here in the Garden State – all combining to create a perfect storm that spells disaster for New Jersey residents:

“Out of control government spending is devastating taxpayers – especially on the heels of runaway inflation, soaring gas prices, stock market volatility, supply chain instability and rising tensions around the world.,” Scharfenberger stated“If anything, the governor should freeze spending and institute a five percent reduction in the budget of every state department until he finds an actual plan to provide affordability to New Jersey’s struggling families, small businesses and seniors.”

“The reality is, without a robust budget recovery plan, many New Jerseyans will be pushed down the path to economic ruin,” Flynn indicated“There’s constant discussion around the notion of affordability, but little action to offer true help to struggling residents. Tough choices need to be made, but what cannot be done is disregard the future costs to our constituents for a temporary reprieve. Everyone had to make due with less during the lockdowns – Trenton should take a lesson from that.”

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