Former Cumberland County GOP Chairman And Political Operative Reunite

Former Cumberland County GOP Chairman And Political Operative Reunite

Greco and Kush come together to host talk radio program

VINELAND – Former Cumberland County GOP Chairman Robert “Bob” Greco and Republican political operative Steve Kush announced today they have reunited to co-host The Bob and Steve Show, a talk radio program to air Saturday mornings from 7:00 – 8:00 A.M. on WVLT Crusin’ 92.1 beginning July 14.

Bob Greco and Steve Kush first joined forces in 2009 shortly after Greco became chairman of the Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization. Despite being told by many they faced an uphill battle the two, in a very short time, with the help of candidates who bought into their plans managed to turn a 7 – 0 Democratic controlled freeholder board to a 4 – 3 Republican majority.

The two plan for The Bob and Steve Show to feature a combination of live on-the-air guests and pre-recorded interviews with all shows available as podcasts at and livestreamed on Controversial issues are guaranteed. The pair have congressional candidate Seth Grossman scheduled as their first guest.

“When the opportunity to host a talk radio show presented itself I couldn’t say no,” Bob Greco said. “And, when it came to a co-host, I thought who loves controversy and, Steve’s name immediately came to mind. I think when word gets out about our show people will tune in just to see if Kush can make it through an hour without dropping any F-bombs.”

Greco continued, “In the past, we brought some controversial topics to light and had much success, we’ll do the same on radio. There are plenty of controversial political topics in South Jersey, statewide and nationally for us to conquer and be entertaining and successful doing it.”

“Bob came to me with the idea of a radio show and the answer was immediately yes,” Steve Kush said. “Knowing I’m not a morning person he waited until after I said yes to tell me the time slot, but the last time I let him talk me into something we made a great team and won elections. There’s no reason we can’t be a great team on the radio. In fact, we have to be great, my parents listen to the station. There are a few people out there who like us and many more who don’t, so we’ll get listeners even if it’s out of curiosity, the trick is to be informative, entertaining and controversial all at the same time and together we can do it.”

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