Former governors, state leaders, and NJ NAACP come to Camden

Former governors, state leaders, and NJ NAACP come to Camden

They talked progress, local entrepreneurship, and building a strong path forward to inclusive prosperity

Today Governor James J. Florio and Governor Jon S. Corzine joined state leaders and the New Jersey NAACP to discuss the dramatic progress the City of Camden has made over the past several years, as well as how to build a strong path forward to inclusive prosperity. Here are some of the best quotes of the day, as well as quotes from Governor James E. McGreevey and Governor Chris Christie on Camden’s Rising.

“I have an almost religious feeling for the [City of Camden] and its people. Confident people of good faith collaborating in applying their intellect and common sense have demonstrated impressive results in their efforts to restore the City to greatness. Proceeding from the fundamental observation that the most basic right of all is the right to be safe and secure, City officials worked with County officials to successfully reorganize public safety.”
~ Governor James J. Florio, January 2019

“…Camden was under state supervision, had a national reputation for violent crime, and there was limited economic activity. Working with caring and dedicated community leaders, business and local government officials (including law enforcement), significant progress was made in lowering crime rates…and state-administered economic investments and incentives within the proper legal and accountability framework should continue to play an essential role.”
~ Governor Jon S. Corzine, May 2019 

“It’s important to understand that in the ordinary flow of commercial development, Camden would not miraculously come back to life on its own… and [today] Camden embodies the kind of hope for a community and faith in recovery and redemption that means so much to me.”
~ Governor James E. McGreevey, May 2019

“We built alliances. We listened to each other.  We yelled at each other…but together we unleashed the endless potential of this city and the amazing people that call it home who, for all of these years, have just been hungry for an opportunity to be part of the solution.”
~ Governor Chris Christie, September 2017

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