Gaming With The Greens & Craig Cayetano for Council: Hawthorne Voter Registration Drive/Meet&Greet


Gaming With The Greens & Craig Cayetano for Council: Hawthorne Voter Registration Drive/Meet&Greet

September 27th, 2019



September 13th 2019



The Cayetano For Council Campaign For Ward 3 Hawthorne along with The Green Party of Passaic County have been working with local small businesses to help increase their visibility in our community.


This is the next big event for the campaign, which is collaborating with Billy’s Midway Arcade, 312 Lafayette Ave in Hawthorne, New Jersey. A Voter Registration Drive for those newly of age, those that aren’t aware if they are registered and a campaign meet & greet for the rest. The event is scheduled for Friday, September 27th, 7pm until 9pm. It offers Hawthorne residents a chance to have a unique, fun and free night out.


Craig Cayetano said, “This is a golden opportunity to have conversations about important local issues, to register new voters and partake in this awesome arcade for up to two hours!” There will be light food and refreshments provided by another prominent local business, El Gallo, for those who attend.


This evening promises to be a lot of fun and give attendees more information on whom to support in the November election. Cayetano: “I’m in this campaign to be an advocate for everyone. I value grassroots democracy and want to show our youth the importance of registering to vote. They can have a say in electing candidates on a local level committed to protecting the environment, not beholden to corporate or special interests and willing to work towards creating sustainable infrastructure.”


Tickets are free and going fast due to occupancy limits. Donations will be kindly accepted at the door. You must pre-register online with Eventbrite or Facebook below. Up to one set per person. October 15th is the last day to register in New Jersey for Election Day on November 5th.

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