Genova Burns Welcomes Three Summer Associates from Rutgers

Genova Burns Welcomes Three Summer Associates from Rutgers

Genova Burns LLC is pleased to announce the addition of three summer associates to our team, all of whom are proud students from Rutgers Law School, the alma mater of our Chairman, Angelo J. Genova, Esq.  Two are spending their first summer at Genova Burns, while R. Edward Stone continues his journey here since September.

Jamil AbuRoomi hails from the picturesque town of Woodland Park. Jamil’s interest in litigation and international law reflects his passion for dynamic challenges and global impact. His unique background includes over five years of experience as an international barista, a journey that began in Jordan and extended to managing cafés. This experience has endowed Jamil with exceptional customer service skills, attention to detail, and management acumen. Jamil’s multifaceted background and open-minded approach to various legal practice areas are invaluable additions to our firm.

Edward Stone stays at Genova Burns for the summer. A native of the Jersey shore, Edward enjoys spending his free time surfing, skiing, and exploring the outdoors with his German shepherd, Bertha, and tuxedo cat, Ruby. Edward’s diverse experience at Genova Burns includes working in bankruptcy, political compliance, civil litigation, and contract matters. His broad interest in multiple legal fields and dedication to leaving a positive impact align perfectly with our firm’s values.

Kevin Stawicki brings a rich and varied background to our summer associate program. Originating from Robbinsville, New Jersey, Kevin currently resides in Newark. His interests lie in labor law, election law, and government contracts, areas that have a direct effect on people’s lives. Kevin’s path to law includes a memorable internship at the U.S. Supreme Court, and a career in journalism where he covered a wide range of topics. His firsthand experience as a union member has given him a profound understanding of labor law, making him a perfect fit for our firm.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jamil, Edward, and Kevin to our team this summer,” said Angelo J. Genova, Esq., Chairman of Genova Burns LLC. “Their diverse experiences, commitment to excellence, and shared alma mater make them outstanding additions to our firm. We look forward to the unique perspectives and fresh insights they will bring.”

Genova Burns LLC remains dedicated to fostering the next generation of legal professionals and is proud to support these talented individuals in their journey toward impactful legal careers.

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