Get ICE Out of Kean University Rally and Petition Delivery Demands for Justice for Immigrants 

Get ICE Out of Kean University Rally and Petition Delivery Demands for Justice for Immigrants
March 1, 2021
“No Business with ICE” urge immigrant rights advocates, calling to remove prison profiteers Estabrook and Gibbons from the university’s board
Union, New Jersey – On Tuesday March 2nd, at 3:30pm, activists will unite on the corner of Green Lane and Morris Ave in front of Kean University and deliver a petition to President Repollet with close to 1400 signatures from Kean students, alumni and community members to demand the removal of Anne Evans Estabrook and Dave Gibbons from the university’s board. Estabrook and Gibbons are owners of the Elberon Development Group which has leased the detention center, where immigrants have suffered and died due to the notorious Immigration and Customs and Enforcement (ICE) federal agency through for-profit detention company Core Civic, for 27 years.
Image description: A Kean University cougar mascot saying “Abolish ICE” surrounded by the following information:
What: Rally and petition delivery telling Kean University “no business with ICE!” and cut ties with board members Estabrook and Gibbons. More details at
When: Tuesday 3/2 at 3:30pm. Also sign up to speak at the Kean Board of Trustees virtual meeting Monday March 8th at 4pm.
Where: Corner Green Lane and Morris Ave
What to bring: masks, signs and noisemakers
Sabastian, an immigrant currently held at the Elizabeth Detention Center, states, “Our human rights and Constitutional Rights are violated by the private company Core Civic and the medical staff on a daily basis. In this pandemic, Covid-19, we can’t protect ourselves in this center. We didn’t receive any proper clean and new PPE. We don’t have social distancing 6ft, because the rooms are small and the rooms are crowded… Medical staff don’t care about us… We are just a number. Where is United we stand? We immigrants are asking for your help… Give us a chance for life, for protection. Show us your power, your humanity, and that you care! The United States was built on immigrants, and now we are held like animals in cages.”
Last summer, amidst the national uprising and in response to targeted pressure, Elberon released a statement committing to “end their relationship” with Core Civic. However, 237 days have passed and there has been no movement on this commitment. Instead, Core Civic has assured its shareholders that the facility will be open through 2027, indicating Elberon’s words last summer were nothing more than an empty promise.
“Estabrook and Gibbons’ names are smeared across Kean’s campus on fountains, halls, conference rooms, and a seemingly ironic human rights fellowship – all paid for with blood money extracted from immigrant detention. This stands in stark contrast to the fact that Kean University enrolls the second-most undocumented students of all NJ public colleges. Estabrook and Gibbons cannot make unbiased decisions on behalf of these students while they are profiting from the detention of their friends and families down the road” stated Stacey Callahan, Kean alumni and organizer.
Fellow alumni Grace Fernandez notes “this is disgusting. With the diverse population at Kean University, there needs to be people in power who represent the students. These members are not showing the diversity and ideals I know Kean to have.” Kean alum Jenna Cipolla adds “How can you sleep at night knowing that you’re profiting off of this detention center? Get off the Board!”
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