GOP Primary: Ciattarelli Gaining

GOP Primary: Ciattarelli Gaining
The latest poll from Quinnipiac clearly demonstrates that Lt. Governor Kim Guadgano’s campaign has
stalled while Jack Ciattarelli is gaining momentum. Guadgano’s ballot score in the Republican primary
has decreased since March from 28% to 23%. This has corresponded with Ciattarelli quadrupling his
share of the vote, and cutting Guadagno’s lead by more than half. He now trails her by just 11% (23-12%),
with a substantial 51% of registered Republicans still undecided.
This represents a 9% increase in undecided voters since March, as Republican primary voters continue to demonstrate little enthusiasm for the incumbent Lt. Governor’s candidacy.
Jack Ciattarelli has made significant gains among both Very Conservative and Somewhat Conservative
Voters. Guadagno’s lead has completely evaporated among Somewhat Conservative voters, as Ciattarelli
has pulled into a tie:
Very Conservatives
Guadagno +30%
over Ciattarelli
Guadagno +11%
Net Towards Ciattarelli
Somewhat Conservatives
Guadagno +22%
Net Towards Ciattarelli
Ciattarelli has also narrowed Guadgano’s lead among both men (from +29% to +15%) and women,
where he pulls within single digits (+19% to +6%).
Guadagno is a weak choice for our party in November
As they learn more about her, Kim Guadagno’s image continues to worsen among general election
Guadagno Image
2% Favorable
Name ID
Increase of 5%
Furthermore, a Guadagno nomination allows Democratic frontrunner Phil Murphy to reach 50% on the
ballot, before the General Election campaign even begins (50-25%). Guadagno’s support from
Republicans on the general election match-up has weakened by 8 points since March (76% down to
68%), while Murphy is much stronger amongst his partisans (83% of Democrats).
The hypothetical general matchup that includes Joe Piscopo as an Independent candidate further
highlights Guadagno’s weakness with voters of her own party. On this ballot, she bleeds a significant
15% of Republican voters to Piscopo.
Jack Ciattarelli is committed to fixing the issues that matter to NJ voters…
The poll also reinforces that Jack Ciattarelli’s five
-point plan including ideas to fix the school funding
formula and lower property taxes and reform the state tax code to revitalize New Jersey’s stagnant
economy resonates with voters, who identify taxes (25%) and the economy (19%) as the
two issues
driving their vote for Governor.
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