Governor Murphy Signs Fiscal Year 2020 Budget into Law and Acts on Other Legislation

Judge Mary Jacobson dismissed a lawsuit against Governor Phil Murphy’s task force on NJEDA tax incentives, which was brought by South NJ power broker George Norcross III. The suit alleged that Murphy established the task force to specifically target Norcross.

Governor Murphy Signs Fiscal Year 2020 Budget into Law and Acts on Other Legislation

TRENTON – Today, Governor Phil Murphy took action on the following bills:


A-5601/S-3956 (Pintor Marin, Jones, Johnson/Sarlo) – with Line Item Veto – Makes Fiscal Year 2019 State supplemental appropriations totaling $34,208,000.

Line Item Veto of A-5601

Line Item Veto Message on A-5601

S-3042/A-4619 (Sarlo, Oroho/Pintor Marin, Wirths) – Creates subaccounts for SHBP and SEHBP health care services and prescription drug claims; requires procurement by State of third-party medical claims reviewer.

S-3599/A-5185 (Singleton/Wimberly, Jasey, Speight) – Revises neighborhood revitalization tax credit program to increase permitted annual tax credit allocation to $15 million.

A-5604/S-2298 (Freiman, Pinkin, Milam, DePhillips, Zwicker, Land/Corrado, Singleton) – Increases tax credit provided for qualified investments under “New Jersey Angel Investor Tax Credit Act.”

A-5609/S-3960 (Land, Freiman, Armato, Johnson, Mukherji, Milam, Mazzeo/Sarlo, Addiego) – Increases gross income tax deduction available to veterans from $3,000 to $6,000.

A-5385/S-3877 (Burzichelli, Pintor Marin, Reynolds-Jackson/Sarlo, Singleton) – Concerns sale, taxation, and forfeiture of container e-liquid.

A-5603/S-3957 (McKeon, Jones/Pou) – Increases annual assessment on net written premiums of HMOs to support charity care from two percent to three percent in FY 2020.

A-5607/S-3958 (Murphy, Johnson/Sweeney) – Provides limited period for dissolution or reinstatement of revoked or inactive business charters using expedited process, allows for payment of reduced administrative fee, and revises certain business filing fees.

S-2020/A-5600 (Sarlo/Pintor Marin, Burzichelli) – with Line Item Veto – Appropriates $38,748,610,000 in State funds and $16,748,645,972 in federal funds for the State budget for fiscal year 2019-2020.

Line Item Veto of S-2020

Line Item Veto Message on S-2020

A-5610/S-3984 (McKnight, Quijano, Mosquera, Mukherji/Weinberg) – Makes FY 2020 supplemental appropriation of $12.453 million; amends appropriations for Camp Irvington and Turtle Back Zoo; adds language provision appropriating $3.1 million for immigration status-related legal assistance.

A-5611/S-3987 (Timberlake, Giblin, McKeon/Codey, Gill) – Makes Fiscal Year 2020 State supplemental appropriation of $7,500,000 for East Orange General Hospital.


A-5098/S-3491 (Pintor Marin, Chaparro, Jimenez/Ruiz, Codey) – CONDITIONAL – Raises, over time, hourly Medicaid reimbursement rate for personal care services to $25.

Copy of Message on A-5098

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