Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation

Governor Murphy signs legislation.

Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation

TRENTON – Today, Governor Phil Murphy signed the following bills into law:

A360 (Chiaravalloti, Danielsen, Mukherji/Pou, Cruz-Perez) –  Prohibits consumer reporting agencies from charging certain fees related to security freezes on consumer reports.

A1039 (Houghtaling, Dancer, Andrzejczak, Space, Taliaferro/Gopal, Oroho) – Directs the Division of Travel and Tourism to publish on its website information of farm-to-table restaurants.

A2182 (DeAngelo, Wimberly, Quijano/Scutari, Singleton) – Establishes an apprenticeship requirement to qualify for an electrical contractor’s license.

A3112 (Benson, Mukherji, Karabinchak/Beach, Oroho) – Authorizes local units of government subject to “Local Public Contracts Law” and “Public School Contracts Law” to use electronic procurement technologies.

A3731 (Tully, Swain, Wimberly/Lagana) – Establishes “County Code Pilot Program” for certain counties.

A4102 (Johnson, DeAngelo/Weinberg) – Allows cigar bars and lounges to renew lapsed exemption from ban on indoor smoking under certain circumstances.

S724 (Greenstein, Diegnan/Pinkin, Giblin, Jasey) – Allows pharmacy interns and pharmacy externs to administer certain vaccines under direct supervision of pharmacist and requires reporting of certain vaccine administrations.

S869 (Sweeney, Cunningham, Oroho/Jimenez, Lagana, Vainieri Huttle, Benson) – Permits establishment by county and four-year institutions of higher education of three plus one degree programs for receipt of baccalaureate degree after spending three years at county college and one year at senior institution.

S870 (Sweeney, Cunningham/Jasey, Schaer, Calabrese) – Establishes Dual Enrollment Study Commission.

S1869 (Scutari/Caputo, Holley) – Prohibits sale of certain alarm business signs and decals.

S1958 (Gopal, Scutari/Mukherji, Lopez, DeAngelo) – Establishes permit to allow seasonal retail consumption license holders to sell alcoholic beverages during certain off-season dates.

S2397 (Gopal/Schaer, Karabinchak, Pinkin) – Requires institutions of higher education to provide alternative arrangements to students unable to complete certain assignments by regular due date or register for courses because of day of religious observance.

S2839 (Gopal, Oroho, Greenstein/Houghtaling, Zwicker, DeAngelo) – Makes General Fund supplemental appropriation of $250,000 to New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc.

Copy of Statement on S2839

S2845 (Vitale/Spearman, Mejia, Lopez) – Amends Fiscal Year 2019 appropriations act to revise increase in Work First New Jersey benefits.

SJR18 (Pou, Greenstein/Murphy) – Establishes “Commission to Review Constructive Sentences of Life Imprisonment on Juvenile Offenders.”

Additionally, Governor Murphy announced that he has conditionally vetoed the following bills:

A4342 (Tully, Swain, Benson, Jones/Lagana) – Requires public school student to carry identification card at school-sponsored, off-campus activities and requires principal to keep list of students on school buses used for school-sponsored activities in case of emergencies.

Copy of Statement on A4342

S393 (Madden, Singleton/DeAngelo, Murphy, Verrelli) – Establishes Talent Network Program in DOLWD.

Copy of Statement on S393

S1697 (Sarlo, Oroho/DeAngelo, Lagana, Space) – Exempts fuel used for operation of certain school buses from petroleum products gross receipts tax and motor fuel tax; clarifies tax treatment of certain dyed fuel thereunder; clarifies determination of taxable estates of certain decedents.

Copy of Statement on S1697

S2531 (Beach/Jones) – Allows county governing body in certain counties to abolish offices of superintendent and deputy superintendent of elections and transfer functions to county board of elections.

Copy of Statement on S2531

Governor Murphy also announced that he has absolute vetoed the following bills:

S2455 (Sweeney, Oroho/Murphy, McKnight, Mosquera) – Transfers county college employees and retirees from membership in SEHBP to membership in SHBP.

Copy of Statement on S2455

S3074 (Lagana/Pintor Marin, Greenwald) – Provides for procurement by State of pharmacy benefits manager, automated reverse auction services, and claims adjudication services.

Copy of Statement on S3074

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