Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation

TRENTON – Today, Governor Murphy signed the following bills into law:

A-1550/S-3424 (Moriarty, Benson, Verrelli/Diegnan, Corrado) – Authorizes surviving spouse or family member of decedent to use motor vehicle registration certificate of decedent until registration certificate expires

A-1746/S-2947 (McKeon, Thomson, Park/Pou, Oroho) – Revises effects of delinquency and insolvency proceedings against insurer-members of federal home loan banks

A-2583/S-1237 (Greenwald, Conaway, Stanley/Beach, Zwicker) – Requires information on seizure first-aid to be disseminated to employers

A-3808/S-2052 (Lopez, Park, Jaffer/Turner, Greenstein) – Allows tenant with temporary or permanent restraining order to change locks on residential rental unit

A-4488/S-2662 (Lopez/Singleton) – Limits common interest community regulation of certain vehicles

A-4616/S-3157 (Moriarty, Greenwald, Jaffer/Madden, Pou) – Allows passage of Certified Respiratory Therapist examination to qualify for licensure as respiratory therapist

A-5096/S-3511 (Wimberly, Reynolds-Jackson, Verrelli/Gopal, Stack) – Replaces statutory terms regarding alcohol and substance use

A-5165/S-3581 (DeAngelo, Murphy/Greenstein, Turner) – Relates to which refrigerants are permissible for use within current State Uniform Construction Code and local codes

Governor Murphy conditionally vetoed the following bills:

A-3681/S-2661 (Lampitt, Wimberly, Jasey/Codey, Singleton) – CONDITIONAL – Establishes New Jersey Educator Scholarship Program; appropriates $3 million

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A-4750/S-3286 (Jaffer, Caputo, Atkins/Gopal, Pou) – CONDITIONAL – Vacant Storefront Registry Program; establishes public database of vacant commercial space for small businesses

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A-4752/S-3210 (Tully, Benson, Chaparro/Gopal, Pou) – CONDITIONAL – Promotes small business Internet presence

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A-5179/SCS for S-3516 (Verrelli, Murphy, Benson/Cruz-Perez, Turner) – CONDITIONAL – “Fire Life Safety Damper and Smoke Control System Inspection Verification Act”; Requires routine maintenance and periodic testing of smoke dampers, fire dampers, and smoke control systems in certain buildings by qualified personnel

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A-5225/S-3729 (McKnight, Speight, Murphy/Codey, Pou) – CONDITIONAL – Provides for coverage of community-based palliative care benefits under Medicaid

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