The Green Party of New Jersey Congratulates  Corey L. Teague  on his election to Paterson School Board



(GPNJ is proud of its commitment to grassroots activists who seek elected office and proud of its endorsement of Corey L Teague)


New Jersey— November 7, 2019:


Today, the Green Party of New Jersey (GPNJ) congratulated Corey L. Teague on being the top vote getter in his Tuesday, November 5th election to the Paterson school board.


“GPNJ wishes to congratulate Corey L. Teague on running an excellent campaign and being the top vote getter of 7 candidates. He worked hard to win in Tuesday’s election,” said Madelyn Hoffman, Communications Chair of GPNJ. “We know he will work just as hard to represent the Paterson community on the School Board and that he will introduce and support policies that reform special education in Paterson. He will seek to instill Green Party values at a grassroots level.”


“Corey has the community’s best interests at heart,” said Craig Cayetano, GPNJ Co-chair. “He’s stood up for the family of Jameek Lowery and is willing to do the same for anyone in Paterson. The Passaic County Greens and Green Party of New Jersey congratulate him on being elected to the Paterson Board of Education.”


Corey has spent a lifetime preaching, educating, and being directly involved as an advocate for residents in Paterson.


“It is such a sweet victory when we elect those who fight for all of us, like Mr. Teague,” continued Madelyn Hoffman. “We look forward to supporting his initiatives to help the children of Paterson and challenge the status quo.”


Paterson School Board races are non-partisan. No party identifications appeared on the ballot.


The Green Party of New Jersey is a political party that runs candidates for political office at the local and state level who are aligned with the party’s 4 pillars, 10 key values, and platform. We are also an activist organization working in our communities toward peace, sustainability, justice, and empowerment.



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