Green Party’s LD 2 Assembly Candidate Announces Plan for Atlantic City

Green Party’s LD 2 Assembly Candidate Announces Plan for Atlantic City
Mico Lucide, Candidate for General Assembly, Legislative District 2
The State of New Jersey has no right to rob the people of Atlantic City of their right to
self-govern. The City of Atlantic City needs support, not a suspension of sovereignty to the state.
Over the years, the State of New Jersey has abused Atlantic City and its revenues without just
compensation. The presumption that Atlantic City’s casino economy would be sustainable, while
the state drained the city of its livelihood without sufficient concern to reinvest in the city, has
led to our current situation. Because of the state’s own lack of care with the revenues from
Atlantic City, the state now feels emboldened to take control of even more aspects of Atlantic
City’s governing. To this, I echo the voices of the members of my district by saying we must end
the state takeover of Atlantic City.
This takeover is the most recent in a list of takeovers from New Jersey’s history. In
nearly every case, the state took control of a city that was predominantly populated by people of
color. I refuse to allow New Jersey to continue to oppress communities of color with the
insistence that the state knows better than the residents, under the deceptive pretenses of
economic recovery. We must have a community-focused approach to restore Atlantic City from
within, with support from the state in whatever way the people of the city require.
Upon the end of the state takeover, the state must remain responsive to the people of the
city. To this end, if elected, I would introduce legislation allowing the people of Atlantic City to
select among themselves a Liaison to the Lt. Governor’s office, charged with voicing residents’
solutions for the needs of the city. A direct representative in this singular role is necessary to
ensure that the city is heard by the state.
Further, I plan to have the state to reinvest in Atlantic City by creating, in conjunction
with the county and the city, small business grants focused on first-time business owners who
live in Atlantic City. The people of Atlantic City need to be able to build wealth, create jobs for
their fellow residents, and showcase the talents and vibrant culture that exist in the city. Through
this focused approach to job creation and investment, the people of Atlantic City will be able to
afford to remain in the city as other larger investments take place, such as the addition of a new
university campus and South Jersey Industries to the city. The risks of gentrification pushing out
current residents must be fought at every step of the revival of the city.
As development continues in the city, from both internal and external forces, a refocusing
of Atlantic City’s economy must be considered. Atlantic City has phenomenal opportunity to
further develop its ecotourism and begin construction of tidal and offshore wind energy. For
years, the state has discussed and pursued offshore wind energy near Atlantic City, and we came
very close at the end of last year. I would continue this fight to create tidal energy and/or a wind
farm off of Atlantic City’s coast, and push for a requirement that a percentage of workers on the
project be residents of the city.
The livelihood of people throughout our district will be impacted by the future of Atlantic
City, but those outside of the city itself must not take the city for granted by expecting the city to
always provide for the region. This plan will assist with the transition to a more sustainable
economy for the entire region, while building wealth for the people most hurt by Atlantic City’s
downturn, the residents themselves. The whole region will benefit from this sustainable recovery
and the result will be a more stable Atlantic County.


Contact: Mico Lucide
Phone: 609-402-8359

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