GSI’s Egea: “Make No Mistake New Jersey, Your Taxes Just Went Up”

GSI’s Egea: “Make No Mistake New Jersey, Your Taxes Just Went Up”


MORRISTOWN, NJ – Garden State Initiative’s president, Regina M. Egea, issued the following statement on Governor Phil Murphy’s Budget Address:


“Incorporating billions in borrowing and federally funded one-time infusions of cash as the basis for a budget bodes poorly for all New Jerseyans in the very near future.


As has been reported elsewhere that the state is suddenly flush with cash, New Jersey residents should ask themselves: “When was the last time you remember taxes actually going down?”


Unless there’s more borrowing or further federal bailouts, get ready New Jersey, you just got stuck with the bill.  Make no mistake, your taxes just went up.”




The Garden State Initiative is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening New Jersey by providing an alternative voice and commonsense policy solutions in the state — solutions that promote new investment, the growth of businesses, the creation of economic opportunities, and innovation to the benefit of all New Jerseyans.


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