Gusciora Commits to Greater Coordination with Trenton School Board


Gusciora Commits to Greater Coordination with Trenton School Board

Will appoint Special Needs Advocate

Trenton, NJ – Trenton Board of Education’s need to address real issues. “Capital schools need coordination” the Assemblyman asserts. Gusciora (D-Trenton) maintains that parents, teachers, and outside stakeholders need to be working together to provide equitable education to all students.

Above all, the school board needs to be in the loop, and in control.

Gusciora reasons that the only election which determines the Trenton School Board is the Mayoral. The 22-year public servant insists that appointing a special needs advocate is practical and necessary.

“On June 12th, Trenton will not only elect our Mayor, we will essentially elect the entire school board. The members are appointed by the city executive,” said Gusciora. Those who want a strong school district need to know the candidate’s stance on education. “Our special needs students deserve a representative at the city level. We owe it to them, and to their hardworking, taxpaying families.”

Gusciora stressed his lead role in fighting for a new high school while other officials demurred. He also cited his fight to suspend the construction of the Martin Luther King School, until the toxic foundation was remediated.

Assemblyman Gusciora fought, while Trenton’s legislator, to bring in hundreds of millions in state education funding.

“While Mayor, I will continue to fight for better facilities and better state funding,” Gusciora continued “I will screen prospective school board candidates for their vision, experience and willingness to boost Trenton’s public schools. Our capital city deserves quality and equitable education.”

The Assemblyman’s relationships with the state government have been a vital asset. Trenton Public Schools are one of the almost three-dozen districts impacted by the Abbott decisions. These NJ supreme court cases put select urban centers under state DOE control.

“Trenton schools, and more importantly, Trenton students, need a mayor who will advocate for them. Everybody knows someone who will benefit from this appointment”

Gusciora has been fighting for Trentonians since 1996.

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