Hackensack United for Progress: Labrosse Team Admits Embarrassing Record of Failure

Labrosse Team Admits Embarrassing Record of Failure


Hackensack Mayor John Labrosse has kicked off his re- election campaign with a blistering attack on local residents who are not even candidates in Hackensack’s upcoming May 9th City Council election.

“It is an unprecedented start of a campaign by an incumbent mayor,” said Caseen Gaines, campaign manager for Hackensack United for Progress, a slate of community activists seeking the five seats which are up for grabs in this year’s election. “His attempt to distract the voters is clearly an admission by Labrosse of his embarrassing record of failure and his total lack of achievements to highlight,” Gaines continued, noting that Labrosse’s press release contained 13 false statements.

The Labrosse Administration promised a rebirth for Hackensack through redevelopment, yet all they have to show for their botched efforts is a block-long hole in the ground in the middle of Main Street for the past year. They promised fiscal responsibility, yet ballooned our city’s debt by 50 million dollars, an increase of 279%. They promised an end to employee lawsuits, yet have been repeatedly sued by city employees for their unlawful and retaliatory conduct, exposing taxpayers to millions of dollars in settlements.

Mayor Labrosse casually accuses everyone else of corruption, yet ignores his own action of giving back his employer, Hackensack University Medical Center, 47 million dollars of taxpayer money while negotiating a personal raise and promotion from them. He ignores Councilman Leo Battaglia’s wife receiving an illegal raise while she was a city employee, resulting in an entire city department suing the city and each employee receiving a settlement of taxpayer money.

Hackensack United for Progress candidates Lara Rodriguez, Jason Some, Michael Williams, Carlos I. Merino and Rommy Buttafuoco have a long history of community service and are eager to restore honest and responsible government to Hackensack. They plan to increase ratables through responsible development and end the reckless borrowing which is destroying Hackensack’s future. They plan to hire and promote employees based on merit and put an end to the cronyism and unlawful conduct of the Labrosse Administration.

Hackensack United for Progress is a broad-based coalition of residents, merchants and organizations united to end the chaos and corruption of the past four years and put Hackensack back on the path to success as a community.
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