Haitian community leaders and elected officials will come together to celebrate the campaign Kick-off of Mayor Tony Vauss, Renee C. Burgess, Dr. October Hudley, and Charnette Frederic

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Haitian community leaders and elected officials will come together to celebrate the campaign Kick-off of Mayor Tony Vauss, Renee C. Burgess, Dr. October Hudley, and Charnette Frederic and announce their official endorsement of Team Irvington Strong on February 5, 2022.
The elected and community leaders will express their enthusiastic support for Mayor Tony Vauss and Team Irvington Strong.
“We are endorsing Mayor Tony Vauss, Renee C. Burgess, Dr. October Hudley, and Charnette Frederic for Mayor and council members at Large for the Township of Irvington, because they are progressive candidates that will reconcile our Township and mend all fences by uniting our Town via equities for all!”said Micano Evra, Gerard Alexandre, and Destin Nicholas.
“I’m grateful that our diverse and broad coalition continues to grow with Haitian leaders from all over Irvington. These leaders are trailblazers in their communities who have continuously worked to make Irvington a more equitable and inclusive Town,” said Mayor Tony Vauss
Community leaders also include Hon. Joseph Sylvain, Hon. Luis Antilus, Ludin Pierre Joseph Frederic, Phillipe Toussaint, Marios Dubois, Marckenzy Pierre, Paul El Sadate, Dallen Samedy, Anks Cadet, Edouard Latonnelle, Jean Fritz Thomas, Dr. Jean Wutnel Emile, Eddy Pierre, The National Haitian American Elected Official Network, Joseph Dorismond, Lesly Vilsaint, Dr. Daniel Desrivieres, Roger Monel, Master Lover, Kerby Fleury, Jean Louis, Jean Damour, Lovely Defendre, Thecy Faustin, and so many more!
These endorsements add to an enthusiastic multigenerational, multicultural coalition of grassroots supporters.
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