Hamilton Township Education Association puts public support behind Ileana Schirmer for Senate

RELEASE – Hamilton Township Education Association puts public support behind Ileana Schirmer for Senate

Hamilton, NJ – The Hamilton Township Education Association (HTEA) is supporting Hamilton Councilwoman Ileana Schirmer in her run for state senate.  This is the first time in nearly a decade that the HTEA is backing a candidate in a New Jersey Senate race.

“Elected leaders and committee chairpersons of the HTEA agree Ileana Schirmer is the best person to represent Hamilton teachers and school employees,” said Dr. David Perry, president of the Hamilton Township Education Association.  “Ileana has been a proactive supporter of the HTEA for years. This association cannot stand behind the New Jersey Senate status quo. This is why the HTEA is supporting a state senate candidate for the first time in almost ten years.  Not only do we want a difference, we need a change.  After researching the facts, Ileana is the best person to represent us in the New Jersey Senate.”

Ileana Schirmer is the first Hispanic woman to become an elected official in Mercer County. In addition to serving on the Hamilton Township Council, Schirmer is a successful entrepreneur who ran an award-winning preschool for more than seven years.

“I am honored to receive the public support of the HTEA,” said Ileana Schirmer. “Hamilton Township is my home, and I want what is best for our students, our school employees, and the community. I’ve worked closely with the HTEA for many years now, both as a local resident and as a councilwoman. I am proud to be their ally and I will fight for their members.  It is imperative that monies are prioritized to support our public schools and fully fund the pension system. Our schools deserve a State Senator who represents our best interests and our children’s best interests in the Statehouse.”

The Hamilton Township Education Association encompasses all employees of the Hamilton Township school district including teachers, educational assistants, school psychologists, nurses, custodians, clericals, warehouse and field maintenance, child study team members, campus monitors, bus drivers, speech therapists, guidance counselors, librarians, health service consultants, athletic trainers, substance awareness coordinators, social workers, and learning disabilities teacher consultants (LDTC).

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