Hoboken City Council Members Call for Investigation into Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s Alleged Quid Pro Quo Arrangements

Hoboken City Council Members Call for Investigation into Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s Alleged Quid Pro Quo Arrangements



Hoboken, NJ –Yesterday, on the steps of City Hall, Hoboken City Councilmembers called on Attorney General Matthew Platkin and federal authorities to initiate a full-scale investigation into alarming allegations against Mayor Ravi Bhalla and other governmental officials.  These allegations of quid pro quo with other political influencers suggest that preferential treatment in cannabis dispensary approvals were exchanged for beneficial contracts to Schenck Price Smith and King, the law firm Mayor Bhalla worked for at the time.


Councilmembers Tiffanie Fisher, Jen Giattino, Paul Presinzano, Ruben Ramos and Michael Russo (who was unable to attend) provide the following joint statement:


“The alleged misconduct raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest and the misuse of public office for personal gain. The implications of these allegations are troubling, warranting a thorough and transparent investigation by state and federal law enforcement agencies to maintain public trust in our city’s governance.”


In response to questions about the credibility of the individual making the allegations, given that his past practices are under investigation, the Councilmembers have weighed in:


“The allegations against the former employee are serious and we fully support a thorough investigation. Similarly, we believe the claims he made against Mayor Bhalla stand on their own as substantial, with certain aspects corroborated and adequately supported, meriting further investigation by higher law enforcement authorities.”


The Councilmembers pointed to the recent revelation of a $50,000 contract given to Schenck Price in April 2022 that was pivotal to their decision, supporting the quid pro quo allegations made concerning a dispensary approval in Hoboken.  They concluded with:


“This call for investigation stems from our duty to the residents of Hoboken to ensure that their interests are protected and that all city operations are conducted without impropriety.  In pursuit of this commitment, we urge the Attorney General of New Jersey and the appropriate federal officials to initiate a detailed investigation into these matters promptly.”


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