Hoboken’s Independently Together At-Large Council Slate Launches New Website to Connect with Voters

Hoboken’s Independently Together At-Large Council Slate Launches New Website to Connect with Voters

Cheryl Fallick, Sheila Brennan, and Paul Presinzano Look to Change the Direction on Important Issues that Need to Be Addressed and Offer Solutions Through Independent Thinking



HOBOKEN – Independently Together, the Hoboken At-Large City Council slate, launched its new website today to connect with voters ahead of the November 2 Municipal Election. IT4Hoboken.com outlines ideas and goals by candidates Cheryl Fallick, Sheila Brennan and Paul Presinzano, who Independently Together, are committed to being new voices for Hoboken who will change the direction on important issues by offering real solutions to everyday flooding and lack of public parking, ensuring further development does not strain the city’s aging infrastructure, working tirelessly to keep Hoboken affordable, growing the recreation program to meet the communities’ needs, and investing in technology to make city resources more accessible to every resident.


“I first moved to Hoboken in my early 20s because I was attracted to its lively music scene and quickly found this city had so much more to offer,” said Council At-Large candidate Cheryl Fallick. “But like many young people, I was concerned about how long I could afford to live here and knew something needed to be done to protect our city. For the past four decades, I have fought to address housing injustice, stood up to development that threatened our public waterfront, and have been a leading voice to preserve Hoboken’s rich history. I’ve found great success in my advocacy because I believe in working collaboratively for what is right for all of Hoboken, and that is the same approach I will bring to the City Council.”


“Like many in our mile-square, my neighbors and I lost many of our belongings during the most recent rainstorm,” said Council At-Large candidate Sheila Brennan. “These are no longer 50-year storms, they are plaguing our city multiple times a year. Our government needs to do more to help residents now and we can no longer settle for the same excuses. I have always advocated for my neighbors on quality of life issues important to them and when I am on City Council you can count on me to bring real solutions to the everyday problems we face.”


“My wife, Ritu, and I are raising our son in Hoboken because we believe in our city’s future, but still see the need for improvements,” said Council At-Large candidate Paul Presinzano. “As a finance professional, I bring a needed skill set to the City Council that will help ensure tax dollars are being spent wisely and that we are investing in programs that will positively contribute to our quality of life. We need independent voices with new ideas to change how we look at important issues that must be addressed including expanding parking options, solving flooding issues, and broadening our recreation program to be inclusive for residents of all ages.”


Independently Together plans to work with the mayor and his administration on all good policies, and change the direction on important issues that need better solutions in the best interest of Hoboken homeowners, tenants, and small businesses alike. Independently Together is asking residents who believe in having independent representation on the City Council to consider donating to their campaign, because unlike their opponents, the team has vowed not to accept donations from political sponsors, big developers or dark money Super PACs. Volunteers can sign up on the team’s website here.


To learn more about Cheryl Fallick, Sheila Brennan, and Paul Presinzano, visit IT4Hoboken.com.  


To vote for the Independently Together slate, choose 9 -10 -11 on Column H on Election Day.


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