HPAE & AFT-NJ Solidarity Statements on Rutgers Faculty Strike

The following statement is from AFT-NJ President Donna M. Chiera:


No one wants to go on strike but neither do they want to be disrespected while doing their job or when they are sitting at the negotiating table. Rutgers management needs to remember to invest in their faculty. It is time to invest in the core mission of higher education and educating our next generation of leaders.


The following statement is from HPAE President Debbie White, RN:


Although HPAE is not on strike, we support our brothers and sisters at AAUP-AFT. We have also experienced the lack of movement and stall tactics exhibited by Rutgers at the bargaining table. Our contract expired close to a year ago.  We have watched as Rutgers has given away our public union jobs to a private corporation. Rutgers needs to settle the contracts with their unions and cease union busting.

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