Hunterdon County Commissioner Holt Announces Run for 6th Term

Hunterdon County Commissioner Matthew Holt announced today that he will file for re-election for his 6th term. Commissioner Holt was first elected in 2006 and took office in January of 2007.

“It has been an honor to serve the people of Hunterdon County for the past fifteen years,” said Holt. “In that time, we have made major strides. When I arrived at the county, we had a budget of almost 100 million dollars. While many would expect a continued upward trajectory, which could have our budget today approaching 130 million or more, we chose to work diligently to deliver the same services, but instead of raising costs, we lowered them. Today we spend under 90 million dollars to deliver those services, fifteen years later. Our debt is gone, and we spend far less than over decade ago.”

In 2007 Hunterdon County held a debt that was approximately 37 million dollars. In 2014, the county paid the last of that debt off, and has remained debt free since that time. Commissioner Holt has served on the budget committee for much of his tenure and is currently the longest serving member of the board.

“I am proud of our county management team, who are backed up by so many dedicated county employees, all of whom help to run the county so well and cost effectively. Together we have kept our promise to spend less, reduce county taxes for all, and keep the standard of service high. I have appreciated the support of Hunterdon County voters for the past fifteen years and look forward to earning their support once again and continuing my work for them in the coming years,” said Holt.

The Hunterdon County Board of Commissioners is a financial body, not a legislative authority, delivering statutory and discretionary services ranging from the Library System, the Health Department, Roads and Bridges, Public Safety, 911 Operations, and many more.

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