ICYMI: Gottheimer and Reed Discuss Problem Solvers Caucus’ Anti-Shutdown Efforts on MSNBC

WASHINGTON—This morning, Problem Solvers Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5) and Rep. Tom Reed (NY-23) joined Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC to discuss the Problem Solvers Caucus’ work across the aisle to avoid a government shutdown.

“We’ve got 20 Democrats and about 20 Republicans working together, and we said ‘ok, what do we do to keep the lights on?’ The American public knows it costs a fortune to shut the government down. They want us to figure out solutions. So for weeks, we’ve worked together…This is just about keeping the lights on and the government moving forward,” said Congressman Josh Gottheimer.

“The greatest thing the caucus is doing is we’re organizing to get to yes; we’re organizing to govern. And I so appreciate my colleague Josh on the other side of the aisle stepping up and leading and being willing to come across the aisle to get things done,” said Congressman Tom Reed. “[President Trump] is a disruptive force, and I think that’s where our caucus can come in and be a partner – where we agree to get things done for the American people and why I so appreciate us stepping together and uniting together,” Reed added.

The pair also discussed their bipartisan efforts on tax reform, the bi-state Bruce Springsteen/Billy Joel divide, and their mutual love of the New York Yankees.

To watch Gottheimer and Reed’s appearance, click HERE

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