Immigrant Communities and Let’s Drive NJ Coalition Applauds Governor Murphy Signing Legislation For Driver’s Licenses For All New Jerseyans


Immigrant Communities and Let’s Drive NJ Coalition Applauds Governor Murphy Signing Legislation For Driver’s Licenses For All New Jerseyans

The legislation A-4743 & S-3229 signed into law today makes New Jersey the 15th state to allow driving privileges to all residents regardless of immigration status. 


Elizabeth, NJ (Thursday, December 19th, 2019) Today, Governor Murphy signed into law legislation A4743/S3229 making New Jersey the 15th state to expand access to driver’s licenses to more residents following Oregon and New York state.


More than 737,418 residents are expected to benefit after the bill is implemented in New Jersey including residents without immigrant status, those who are formerly incarcerated, survivors of domestic violence as well as U.S. Citizens who would like an alternative option to the REAL ID license.


According to New Jersey Policy Perspective’s newly released report expanding access to more residents will have numerous benefits including making roads safer for all, keeping families together, benefiting diverse groups of people, stabilizing insurance premiums, promoting healthier communities, and boost revenues to state and local revenues.


Cristian Dardon, Colectivo and Board member at Wind of the Spirit said,

“Today’s signing of the driver’s license for all legislation is proof that when communities organize, the sky is the limit. We campaigned diligently and won. We were resilient. In the past, when governors and legislators said no, we said yes because this is the moral thing to do.”


Margarita Rodriguez, member of Make the Road New Jersey said,

“Today, after years of struggle, immigrants make history in New Jersey. As a mother who has taken three buses to take my son to the doctor and to school, my life will change now that I can have access to a driver’s license. This victory belongs to immigrant brothers and sisters from across New Jersey who have fought so hard for so many years to be able to drive — and for the respect and dignity, we deserve. We thank Governor Murphy, who has stood with our campaign from day one, and to our incredible sponsors, especially Asw Quijano, Asm Schaer, Senators Vitale, Ruiz, Cryan, Pou and Cruz-Perez, and to Senate President Sweeney and Speaker Coughlin for their leadership.”


Eufracia Mora, Faith in New Jersey, board member Faith in Camden said,

“For eight years, Camden’s group of leaders have been fighting for change, pushing past several stumbling blocks through the guidance of our unwavering faith that things would change, and now we can see this dream realized. I feel very grateful that we now have provisions set to drive without fear and can transport our families and loved ones without fearing detention or separation. We rejoice in this great victory for our community.”


Johanna Calle, director of New Jersey Alliance For Immigrant Justice said,

“On this historic day, New Jersey says to hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans without status, you are a part of our state and our communities regardless of your federal immigration status. A driver’s license is so much more than a driver’s license, it is a basic form of identification which shows that we are a part of this state and our communities. It brings immigrants out of the shadows. It means that every one of us, regardless of immigration status, belongs. Thank you to the Legislature and Governor Murphy for making New Jersey the 15th state to allow all residents and families to drive safely.”


Charlene Walker, Executive Director of Faith in New Jersey said,

“Thank you Governor Murphy and current leadership for the passage of this historic law. This is an especially gratifying moment for our many organizers and leaders that have dedicated their time and energy to getting this bill passed. Our focus has always been on protecting the rights and needs of the most vulnerable. Now, because of this measure, immigrants regardless of status, survivors of domestic abuse, returning citizens, and many others will gain the ability to obtain a driver’s license. Thanks to this law hundreds of thousands of people can not just survive, but thrive and look towards a future where they can provide for their families and have an improved quality of life. We celebrate this step towards building the beloved community; one of hope, justice, opportunity, and love. ”


Adriana Abizadeh, LALDEF Executive Director said, 

New Jersey is now the 15th state to expand driver’s license access to undocumented immigrants. This is a common-sense measure in a state with one of the five largest immigrant populations in the US. Today we celebrate the work of advocates, allies, and impacted members in their fight for equity. Today we celebrate a step towards the true inclusion of immigrants in our state. !Si se pudo!



Kevin Brown, 32BJ SEIU Vice President and New Jersey District Director said,

“32BJ SEIU is proud to be a part of a coalition that truly fights for and wins real advancements for the working class and immigrants of New Jersey. This is a huge moment that will fuel our economy, make our streets safer and support at-risk populations who need access to the roads. This will help working people can get to work and keep their jobs. Thank you Governor Murphy and our legislature for creating more opportunity for working families.”


Rev Rev. Bolivar Flores, NJ Coalition of Latino Pastors and Ministers said,

“We are elated with this achievement, and we thank God for giving Governor Murphy, as well as the New Jersey State Senate and Assembly, the compassion needed to help those who are most vulnerable find a new avenue toward freedom; freedom to find work, freedom of movement, and also peace of mind in feeling less vulnerable to detention. This is good for all and makes us all in the great State of New Jersey a little safer. This is a proud day for New Jersey!”




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