Irvington Strong Dominates Municipal Nonpartisan Election, Incumbents Secure Victories

In a stunning display of political dominance, Mayor Tony Vauss and Team Irvington Strong emerged victorious in the municipal nonpartisan election held on. The incumbents showcased their unwavering strength and determination as they decimated all challengers, securing their positions for another term.

North Ward Council member Orlander Glenn Vick left voters astounded as he received an astonishing 80.32% of the vote, solidifying his place as a trusted representative of the community. Councilmember at-large Dr. October Hudley proved to be a polarizing figure, garnering 61.56% of the vote in the East Ward.

Meanwhile, Jamillah Beasley, the highly regarded South Ward council member and council president, left her competitors in the dust, receiving an overwhelming 93.30% of the vote. Councilman Vern Cox from the West Ward ran unopposed, further highlighting the trust and confidence the community places in him.

The strength of their leader, Mayor Tony Vauss, and the support of Democratic Chairwoman of the Irvington Democratic Party, Annette Beasley, and State Senator Renee Burgess (D)

played significant roles in securing these resounding victories. The duo has been instrumental in shaping Irvington’s future, ensuring that the town remains a key player in the county and the 10th congressional district.

Mayor Tony Vauss further demonstrated his influence by endorsing LaMonica Mclver for Congress in the 10th congressional district, which includes Irvington, New Jersey. This move highlights Vauss’s commitment to supporting candidates who will work towards the betterment of the community. Additionally, Vauss endorsed Amir Jones for Sheriff, aiming to make Jones the first black sheriff in Essex County’s history.

With these endorsements and victories, Irvington continues to establish itself as a powerhouse in local politics, playing a pivotal role in shaping both the county and the 10th congressional district. The community eagerly awaits the positive changes that lie ahead under the leadership of Mayor Tony Vauss and his dedicated team.



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