Jack Ciattarelli Denounces “Despicable” Mocking of George Floyd Death


Jack Ciattarelli Denounces “Despicable” Mocking of George Floyd Death
Calls for NJ Correction Officer Involved to be Fired

Jack Ciattarelli, Republican candidate for Governor, today joined Gloucester County GOP Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante in strongly denouncing two Gloucester County men seen mocking the death of George Floyd in response to a peaceful protest.

“The video from Franklin Township of two men mocking and re-enacting the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer is despicable beyond words,” said Ciattarelli. “News that one of them was a senior corrections officer makes it even worse. To that end, I urge Governor Murphy, the NJ Department of Corrections, and the man’s labor union to take decisive action immediately.”

Ciattarelli continued: “It’s been two days since this story broke. What kind of investigation could you possibly need beyond watching this heinous video? He should be fired, barred from future public employment, and stripped of his pension. What are we waiting for?”

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