Unions Demand Fair Wages, Job Security and Affordable Healthcare Benefits


Assemblywoman Mila Jasey (D-Essex & Morris) joined the picket line at the Rutgers-Newark Robeson Campus Center Monday, following the unraveling of negotiations and a call to strike by the University’s three unions, the AAUP-AFT, the Adjunct Faculty Union and the AAUP-Biomedical and Health Sciences of NJ.


Speaking before several hundred protesters, Jasey reminded adjunct faculty members that they are the backbone of Rutgers, our State University whose academic reputation is so compelling most out-of-staters believe it to be an Ivy League institution. 80% of all Rutgers studentsare from New Jersey, and its Newark campus is the most diverse in the nation.


“I have long said that adjuncts and part-time faculty are entitled to pay proportionate to non-tenure track full-time faculty members. It was only a matter of time before this day came,”, said Jasey. More than one year ago, Adjunct Faculty Union President Amy Higer and others met with me in my district office, seeking job security, a living wage and affordable health care,” she added. “The adjunct issue in particular has become increasingly untenable and difficult to resolve, particularly in recent years. The two sides are divergent in their views, and this problem is by no means limited to Rutgers.”


Jasey was accompanied by Deputy Essex County Clerk Garnet Hall, (Maplewood), who observed that our high school students come to Rutgers because they count on receiving a world class education right here in New Jersey. 70% of its teaching staff is comprised of adjuncts.


“Enough is enough,”concluded the Assemblywoman, noting that we are a high service, high cost state who emphasized her solidarity with Rutgers Unions in their quest for a fair contract that includes job security, a living wage and affordable health care.



Assemblywoman Mila Jasey is Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee and Garnet Hall is a candidate for Assembly in the 28th District The seat is being vacated by Jasey at the end of her term.

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