Jim Johnson Releases Plan for Tax Relief on Tax Day

Jim Johnson Releases Plan for Tax Relief on Tax Day

Pledges to Fight for NJ Taxpayers’ Fair Share of Federal Funds and Eliminate Wasteful Spending

NEWARK — Today, on Tax Day, gubernatorial candidate and former Undersecretary of the Treasury Jim Johnson released a plan to provide taxpayer relief to New Jerseyans by eliminating mismanagement and wasteful spending in Trenton. As Governor, Johnson will enact comprehensive ethics reform to eliminate the use of taxpayer dollars for political patronage, a far too common practice in Trenton. Johnson will also ensure that New Jersey brings back its fair share of federal tax dollars and stops losing out on federal funding due to government incompetence.

“Each year, the average New Jersey taxpayer pays $11,497 in federal taxes, but only gets back $8,837 in federal spending — that’s the largest gap of any state. Under the Christie administration, New Jersey has lost out on more than one billion dollars in federal funding due to sheer incompetence and mismanagement. New Jerseyans deserve to know where their hard-earned money is going, how it is being spent, and what they are getting in return. To do the best for all of us, we need a Governor who gets the math right.”

The Johnson campaign has calculated that over the past seven years of failed leadership under Governor Christie, New Jersey has lost out on $1.333 billion dollars in federal funding — including funds that would help Hurricane Sandy victims get back on their feet. As Governor, Johnson will ensure that New Jersey stops losing out on federal funding opportunities and fight for our equal share.

In addition to securing federal funding, Johnson will also provide taxpayer relief by passing comprehensive ethics reform to not only create a more transparent government, but also eliminate the use of taxpayer dollars for political favors. Johnson’s ethics reform plans includes eliminating no-bid contracts, stopping the “revolving door” of lobbyists, and banning multiple pensions for government officials.  To read Johnson’s ethics plan in full, please visit: http://jimjohnson4governor.com/RealDemocracy

For more information on the campaign, please visit: http://jimjohnson4governor.com.
Follow on Twitter: @JimJohnsonNJ.

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