John Novak Withdraws Congressional Bid and Endorses David Richter—Who Filed a Challenge to Novak’s Petitions

John Novak Withdraws Congressional Bid and Endorses

David Richter—Who Filed a Challenge to Novak’s Petitions


Barnegat, NJ—April 8, 2020—Barnegat Township Mayor John Novak has announced that he is withdrawing his candidacy for Congress in New Jersey’s Third Congressional District.  He also announced that he is endorsing David Richter for the seat currently held by freshman Democrat Andy Kim.


“David Richter filed a challenge to my candidate petitions with the Secretary of State and Office of Administrative Law alleging certain signatures were invalid as being duplicates with his petitions and other reasons,” said Novak.  An OAL judge held a teleconference yesterday morning—court submissions and exhibits were electronically exchanged throughout the day.


“After careful review, line by line and signature by signature, it was to be that many who signed my petitions also signed David’s or another candidate’s petitions.  Several others were invalid for various reasons; the facts are what the facts are and the law is the law.  The proper thing to do under these circumstances is to withdraw,” said Mayor Novak.  He submitted his withdrawal to the court yesterday.


Mayor Novak concluded, “Last summer I was inspired to consider running for Congress and was led to enter the race; I did so with a passion for this country, its freedoms and its foundational beginnings.  As a conservative Republican I sought to protect our Bill of Rights, especially the First Amendment and Second Amendment, as well as free market capitalism, individual liberties and the sanctity of life.  I want America First.  Unseating Andy Kim and restoring the House of Representatives to the Republicans is imperative for this agenda.  My passions and agenda have not changed—but I am no longer a candidate this election cycle.  Given the options presented, David Richter is who I endorse.”


“I’d like to thank John for his endorsement and commend him for his hard work and dedicated efforts throughout this campaign,” said Richter.  “As we repeatedly crossed paths on the campaign trail it was obvious that John and I both had the same goal—to ensure that Andy Kim is defeated in November by a pro-Trump conservative Republican and that we take back control of the House from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.  John’s support and endorsement bring us significantly closer to achieving that goal.”

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