John Wisniewski Calls Out Phil Murphy for Transportation Plan


SAYREVILLE, N.J. – John Wisniewski called out Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs) today for his inadequate plans for New Jersey Transit.

“Phil Murphy is accustomed to private jets and private drivers, so we must forgive him for just learning that New Jersey has a transit system that is underperforming,” said John Wisniewski. “What Phil needs to understand is that fixing NJ Transit will take more than bullet points; It will take a governor with a deep understanding of the issues who doesn’t have to pay back every political boss in the state with jobs for their relatives.”

For the last eight years, this Governor has ignored the experts and data that demanded greater investments in NJ Transit, instead favoring pet causes that did little to support the commuters of New Jersey.

Whether it was his misguided canceling of the ARC tunnel, his wasteful deal to prioritize a PATH extension to Newark Airport that will provide little to no economic benefit to the state, exorbitant NJTransit fare increases or his unconscionable actions in closing the bridge at Fort Lee, Christie has disrupted the lives of commuters time and again.

“We need to have new leadership in the governor’s office that will transform NJ Transit,” said Wisniewski. “As governor, I will end the cronyism and political hiring that has helped to hamstring the agency. I will look to make stronger investments in our infrastructure to get New Jersey residents to their destinations quickly and safely.“

Read Wisniewski’s transportation and infrastructure plan here:

Under the plan, Wisniewski will:

  • Revise the current Transportation Trust Fund Plan to make it a long term plan instead of the current eight year plan;
  • Reprioritize transportation spending priorities to focus on mass transportation by increasing operational and capital support for NJ Transit;
  • Restructure NJ Transit, appoint transportation professionals to run the agency and remove wasteful patronage hires;
  • Create a NJ Transit Development Corporation to enable the agency to create revenue to fund NJ Transit operations;
  • Complete a new Port Authority Bus Terminal for commuters traveling to and from New York;
  • Downsize the Port Authority to the bi-state transportation agency it was intended to be, and provide greater transparency and accountability with citizen/user representation.




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