Judge Orders New Election in Paterson Voter Fraud Case

Mendez and McKoy.

Today, on behalf of Councilman Bill McKoy, candidate for election in Paterson’s Third Ward, we are pleased to announce that Judge Ernest M. Caposela, A.J.S.C. has ordered a new election to occur on November 3, 2020. All five candidates previously on the ballot will have an opportunity to run again in what will hopefully be a free and fair election.

This decision is on the heels of Judge Caposela’s earlier decision to prevent Councilman-elect Alex Mendez, who, along with others, has been charged with voter fraud and election fraud related to the May 12 election, from being sworn into office on July 1. It is the result we have been asking for since the beginning of this lawsuit and we are pleased to see that Judge Caposela agrees with us that, when 25% of all ballots are rejected, for whatever reason, it was not a fair election and a new one is needed.

We are hopeful that this election, unlike the previous one, will be conducted in the ethical manner that the residents of Paterson deserve, given the national attention that a presidential election will bring. If not, we are reserving our right to go back to the court and ask for additional relief such as an independent election monitor. That is the cost of democracy and it is worth every penny.

From Councilman McKoy: “We are excited to give the residents of Paterson’s Third Ward another chance at actually having their voices heard. We wish we did not have to go through this process, but it is the cost of democracy and it is one that I am willing to pay for the City I love so much.”

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