McCann – Chief Advisor to Turncoat Saudino

You Know My Record Is One Of Rock Solid Republican…
I was proud to be a Delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland and to cast my vote for President Donald Trump!
Over the past few weeks, I have stood silently while my opponent has attacked me using Obama-style lies and half-truths.
I’ve done this because you know my record is one of rock solid Republican achievement and conservative values.  Whether it is advancing the Republican agenda in Trenton, helping elect local Republicans across our communities, or casting my vote as a Delegate for President Donald Trump, I have always stood with our Party.
Unlike my opponent, I have never wavered from my support of our Republican Party.
Sadly, my opponent was the Chief Advisor to Sheriff Saudino during his decision to turn his back on our Party.  Today, my opponent continues to personally profit from that taxpayer-funded role as he works with Bergen’s Democrat machine to control the levers of power in our community.
Something else that has never wavered is my commitment to the people and towns of the 39th District.  Whether it is opposing liberal judges and their liberal decisions like Affordable Housing quotas, opposing an ill-conceived gas tax, or fighting every day to rein in out of control spending, my running mates – Assembly members Holly Schepisi and Bob Auth – and I are always there for the people we represent.
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