Key Atlantic City Community Leaders Endorse Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian for Re-Election

Key Atlantic City Community Leaders Endorse Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian for Re-Election
(Atlantic City, NJ) – On Monday, October 16th, 2017, Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian announced a key endorsement for re-election of mayor from important local Atlantic City community leaders.
Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian said: “Today, I humbly accept the public endorsements of four key Atlantic City community leaders: former Atlantic City Councilman Ernest D. Coursey, current City Council President Marty Small, Sr., Reverend Collins A. Days, Sr., and Bishop R. Fulton Hargrove II. These four community leaders have been serving Atlantic City residents for many decades, and truly represent our Atlantic City community. By giving me their endorsements today, I thank them for putting their trust in me to lead Atlantic City for the next four years. 
Ernest Coursey and Council President Marty Small had the courage to stand up against the governor and outside Camden County political bosses to do what’s right for the residents of Atlantic City. I am also honored to accept the personal endorsements of two faithful community leaders – Reverend Collins A. Days, Sr. and Bishop R. Fulton Hargrove II. Reverend Days and Bishop Hargrove have always put the needs of Atlantic City residents first. Whether it’s providing food to the hungry, a place to stay for the homeless, rest for the weary, or encouraging the broken hearted with comforting words, they have always served our community with love and compassion. I humbly accept their powerful endorsements.”
Ernest Coursey stated: “I am endorsing Don Guardian for mayor of Atlantic City. I am honored to call Don Guardian my friend. This election is not about Democrats versus Republicans. This election is about electing the best person to serve as mayor of Atlantic City. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Don Guardian is the best person.  He has worked tremendously hard over the past four years, and has earned the right to serve Atlantic City residents for four more years. We must vote to re-elect Don Guardian because Atlantic City cannot go backwards. Too much progress has already been made under the Guardian Administration. I am honored to support Don Guardian for re-election as mayor of Atlantic City.”
City Council President Marty Small stated:  “As a Democrat and City Council President, I truly believe that current Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian is the best candidate for Mayor. Don and I fought hard against the State takeover on behalf of the residents last year, and we worked well together for the sake of moving Atlantic City in the right direction.The same can’t be said about Frank Gilliam. Frank is bought and paid for by political bosses near and far, and is nothing more than a Manchurian candidate. Councilman Frank Gilliam was missing in action during the most important time in our City’s history because he was promised things by political bosses. Frank is nothing but an obstructionist voting ‘no’ on issues to save our city, flip flopping positions for political gain, and more importantly, offering no solutions. Frank Gilliam is temperamentally and professionally unfit to serve as mayor of Atlantic City. Lastly, special interest candidate Frank Gilliam is still a stranger to the community, only becoming visible during the Mayoral campaign. As seen in the Primary, Frank Gilliam will do and say anything to get elected, as proven by his alliance with former Council President Craig Callaway and his organization. The last time Callaway was in charge of the city, we all know how that ended.
Don Guardian has earned my respect as mayor. He crosses party lines to get things done. This election is too important to worry about party lines (Democrat vs Republican) and racial lines (black vs white). It’s about who is more qualified to serve the residents of Atlantic City, and Don Guardian has earned the right to be mayor for the next four years. As I always stated ‘I may not always do the popular thing, but I take pride in doing the right thing by the residents of Atlantic City.’ Re-electing Don will keep the Mayor’s office in local control. Don isn’t only the better candidate but he’s the better person. He is a good man, and that’s why I wholeheartedly endorse and support Don Guardian as the best person for mayor of Atlantic City. I will make sure that all of my family, friends, supporters, and voters from the June Primary vote for Don Guardian for Mayor.”
Reverend Collins A. Days, Sr.: “Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian has proven himself to be the right mayor for Atlantic City. He has endured many trials and tribulations over the past four years, but still leads our community with optimism and faith. Mayor Guardian has blessed our community with his dedication of serving with wisdom and discernment. So many things have been done for our community in the past four years that I feel he deserves another term to be our mayor. He shows up to every event to offer his support.  I have not seen any mayor work harder than Mayor Guardian. That is why I am endorsing Don Guardian 100% for re-election as our mayor of Atlantic City for the next four years.”
Bishop R. Fulton Hargrove II: “I have watched Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian closely since he was elected mayor and I am truly impressed with his record of accomplishments and his love for Atlantic City. In particular, he is sincerely committed to the residents and doing what’s right for them. Like Nehemiah in the Old Testament, I have watched Mayor Guardian work to rebuild Atlantic City so that it can be vibrant again for all residents. And like Nehemiah in the Bible, when critics tried to keep him from doing his work, he says, ‘I am doing a great work and cannot come down.’ This is the type of leadership we need.  We need a leader who is focused on rebuilding Atlantic City for everyone, and that leader is Don Guardian. I support Don Guardian for mayor of Atlantic City.”
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